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Welcome to My Intarweb

Welcome to my very own corner of the world wild web, here you will find all kinds of random, seemingly unrelated links, pictures and musings. Now try and imagine what the inside of my head must be like.

It’s not a blog, because with blogs you start at the bottom and read upwards, which I always find to be a pain. Also blogs have comment areas and pingback thingies and other stuff that I don’t really want to have to deal with. (If you want to comment on something you’ve seen here, go do it somewhere else.)


Bloggers were invented in Europe ca. 300AD and were originally called ’monks’.   Like their present day descendants, monks had shitty haircuts and never got laid.

Any idiot can write a blog, there are loads of free blogging programs that convert your drunken ramblings into HTML, (Hypertext Markup Language), so that it can be used on a web server or blogging platform. However, I choose to write my own HTML in a text editor and I try very hard to make sure my hand written HTML is standards compliant and as such it should be viewable on just about any browser or any device capable of rendering a web page with the exception of internet exploder, which no one uses anyway.

I have my own style of page; Pictures are big enough to see, (assuming your device is big enough to see in the first place. Don’t moan because you can’t see the detail in one of my pictures on your smartwatch). Links are a nice shade of PowderBlue and the content starts at the top of the page and progresses downwards in chronological order.

I did contemplate a totally random mode where things were just presented haphazardly; Similar to FaceBook’s News Feed, but then when I thought about how much that annoys me, I decided not to inflict it on you. ;)


I am in the process of collating my random web pages into some sort of order, applying a consistent ’feel’ to them and including them in the list of links below.

The links are presented in alphabetical order because they are not all my work, some are links to other peoples work and so I can’t really list stuff chronologically.

I signed up for a google adsense program, all you have to do is place a piece of their code onto your website. This allows them to show relevant ads to people perusing the various pages. What I didn’t expect was that the code in question would totally wreck any chance of successful W3C Validation. (Or to put it another way, google broke my website!)

My wonderfully talented artistic daughter made me a new site banner. She trawled through my various pages and used the photos therein to make a composite background for the new banner, before artistically writing myintarweb on it. I'm well chuffed.

Check out my new awesome facebook buttons, I’m going to have to attempt twitter buttons next, so people can tweet at me!!!1!!

data-colorscheme="light" data-width="230"

Links & other content: