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BRIGG, Or Glandford Bridge in 1826

Before the Railway, when rabbits were more popular.

Published : 01 April 2017


Before the Railway, when rabbits were more popular.

BRIGG, Or Glandford Bridge, a market town and chapelry, in the hundred of Yarborough, and division of Lindsey, situated on the river Ancholme, which is navigable from the Humber to Bishop Bridge. It is 24 miles North of Lincoln, 16 SouthWest of Hull, and 156 miles North Of London; containing 337 houses, and 1674 inhabitants.

The town forms part of the four adjoining parishes of Scawby, Broughton, Wrawby, and Bigby, from which circumstance it had no chapel of ease, until the year 1699, when four gentlemen built a place of worship, and endowed it with certain estates, which were vested in their own heirs and the trustees of the Free School.

Here is a chapel belonging to the Independents, and one to the Wesleyan Methodists; to the latter a Sunday school is attached, where about 200 children are instructed; upwards of 130 Sunday scholars also attend the Independent chapel.

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In the reign of King John, a hospital was founded here, by Adam Paynel, which was subordinate to the abbey of Selby, in Yorkshire, a monk of which house always presided as master; but no remains of this charitable foundation are now visible, having long since gone to decay.

A Free Grammar School was founded and endowed at this place, by Sir John Nelthorpe, Bart. who, by his will, dated 1669,vested certain estates in the hands of trustees, for that purpose. The founder directed that a school-room, with dwellings for the master and usher, should be built, and that boys born in the town of Brigg, and in other parishes where he possessed estates, should be taught the learned languages gratuitously; and all other boys, wheresoever born, should be instructed in reading, writing, and arithmetic, free of expense. The number of scholars is limited to 80.

Market place

Market place

About two miles south of Glandford Bridge is a small island upon the river Ancholme, called Ruckholme, which was given by Henry II. to St. Gilbert, and the canons of Sempringham, before the year 1173, for the purpose of founding a priory of their order, which was called Newstede, and was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, and endowed, at the Dissolution, with £38 13s. 5d. per annum. The chapter house of Newstede, or Newstead, is yet remaining, and is now the principal room of a farm house; the west entrance to the church or chapel is yet standing. Newstead, though extra parochial, is within the parish of Cadney.

Above and below the town the river divides into two branches, one of which runs through the town, and the other passes it on the west, at the distance of about a quarter of a mile; over each branch there is a small but commodious bridge. The drainage of the Ancholme level is supported by a tax on land, and a tonnage on the navigation of the river, which terminates in the Humber, at Ferriby Sluice.

Brigg was originally only a small fishing hamlet; but a weekly market is now held here on Thursday, and an annual horse fair on the 5th of August. The town is well built and paved, and enjoys the benefit of a good trade in corn, coal, and timber. Here are also several extensive manufacturers of fur; with tanners and fellmongers, who give employment to a considerable portion of the inhabitants; and, it is said, that more hands are employed here in dressing rabbit skins than in any other provincial town in the kingdom.

POSTMASTER, Matthew Cox; Office, Wrawby street.
Mail for LONDON, LINCOLN, and all parts of the South, at 25 minutes after 10 morning.
For BARTON and HULL, at 25 minutes before 5 evening.
For GRIMSBY, LIMBER, and CAISTOR, at 5 evening, arrives ½ past 9 morning.
Winterton Foot Post, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 12 noon.
Burton Foot Post, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 12 noon.

MISCELLANY. Consisting of the Names of the Inhabitants not arranged in the Trades’ Lists, with the Residences of the Gentry, Clergy, &c.

Anderton Edward, leather breeches maker, Wrawby street.
Atkinson Mr. Abraham, Paradise row.
Booth Mr. George, Paradise row.
Bradley James, inspector of corn returns, Wrawby street.
Bradley James, engineer, Bridge street.
Britton J. stone mason, Bigby street.
Clark Alexander, tea dealer, Paradise row.
Colton John, fruiterer and confectioner, Wrawby street.
Cook Thomas, fishmonger and fruiterer, Wrawby street.
Duffill George, stay maker, Wrawby street.
Dunn Mr. Thomas, Butchery.
Evans John, leather breeches maker, Methodist chapel yard, Wrawby street.
Gatley Rev. Edward, (Independent minister), Wrawby street.
Goodwin Mary, tea dealer, Paradise row.
Goodwin, Thorp, & Co., bone crushers, Bridge end, East.
Goodwin Wm. merchant; h. Bridge street.
Kelk John & Son, seed merchants, Bigby street.
Kennington William, working upholsterer, Bridge street.
Knott William, mariner, Butchery.
Kirk George, nail maker, Bigby street.
McNarrin Peter, poulterer, Bridge street.
Middleton J. B. usher, Paradise row.
Mill Rev. Thomas, (Catholic minister), Silversides.
Nelthorpe Sir Henry, Bart. Scawby hall.
Nicholson John, surveyor of taxes, Bigby street.
Nicholson John, clerk to the magistrates and commissioners of taxes, and deputy recorder for the borough of Great Grimsby, Market place.
Oates Stephen, sail maker & dealer in paints, Bridge street.
Parkinson Thomas & Son, seed crushers, Mill place.
Robinson Wm. attorneys’ clerk, Bridge st.
Saville George, brewer, Bridge street.
Schorfell Wm. chair maker, Butchery.
Sharp John N. hat manufacturer. Bridge street.
Sill Mrs. Sophia, Wrawby street.
Slight George, sloop builder, Bridge street.
Smith Edward & Son, bar, iron, & linseed cake merchants, Market place.
Smith Thomas, vessel owner, Wrawby street.
Sawersby Mrs. Sarah, Butchery.
Spring John, currier, Wrawby street.
Spring John, mariner, Bigby street.
Turner Richardson, brush manufacturer, Wrawby street.
Watkinson Spencer, tobacco pipe maker, Bridge street.
Watson Rev. Thomas, second master of the Free Grammar school, School lane.
Withers Richard, whitesmith and rat trap maker, Butchery.

Rabbits and Mad Hatters.

Rabbits and Mad Hatters.

Bingham Mary Ann, (ladies’ boarding and day), Bigby street.
Cox Matthew, (day), Wrawby street.
Hemsworth Elizabeth, (day), Bigby street.
Ping Benjamin, (commercial day), Paradise row.
Walker Rev. James, B.A. (Free Grammar), School lane.

COUNTY, Wm. O. Nicholson, Market place.
LEEDS AND YORKSHIRE, Rt. John Atkinson, Bridge end, West.
PHOENIX, Thomas Brown, Wrawhy street.
PROTECTOR, John Nicholson, Bigby street.
YORKSHIRE, John Barnard, Market place.

Angel Inn, (& posting house) Sarah Walkden, Market place.
Bacchus, Rebecca Hunter, Market place.
Black Bull, John Gibson, Wrawby street.
Coach & Horses, Thos. Cressey, Bigby street.
George & Dragon, George Saville, Bridge street.
Hammer-in-Hand, Rd. Withers, Butchery.
Hope, Jonathan Spring, Market place.
Lamb, George Green, Bigby street.
Lord Nelson, Joseph Wressell, Butchery.
Red Lion, John Cressey, Wrawby street.
Ship, Isaac Pinkess, Market place.
Wheat Sheaf, John Colton, Bridge street.
White Hart. John Popple, Bridge street.
White Horse, John Stringer, Wrawby street.
White Lion Inn, (& posting house) William Welburn, Market place.
Woolpack, George Stringer, Market place.

LIST OF INHABITANTS. - Arranged according to their Professions and Trades.

Brown Thos. Wrawby street.
Holgate George H. & Patteson Holgate, Wrawby street.
Nicholson & Empson, Market place.
Owston Rt. Wrawby street.

Brown John, (& appraiser) Wrawby street.
Spring Jonathan, Market place
Farrow John, Methodist chapel yard.
Mundey George, Bigby street.
Pennythorne Wm. Wrawby street.
Quipp John, Hope yard.
Smith William, Bridge street.

Smith, Ellison, & Co. Bigby street; draw on Smith; Payne, & Co. London; William Owston agent.

Etches James, Black Bull yard.
Stubbins Mary, Bridge street.

Mundy Joseph, Bridge street.
Parish Joseph, Bridge street.
Smith Edward, Market place.
Whitworth George, Bigby street.

Ball Thomas, (and paper hanger, patent medicine vender, and agent to the London Genuine Tea Co.), Wrawby street.
Maw Elizabeth, (stationer), Market place.
Richardson John, (& patent medicine vender, & agent for Long & Co.'s teas), Market place.

Addleshaw John, Bridge street.
Barratt James, Bigby street.
Barratt John, Butchery.
Barratt John, Bigby street.
Cawkwell Chas. Wrawby street.
Daddy Wm. Little lane.
Ranns John, Little Butchery.
Rowbottom John, Butchery.
Smith Thomas, (and leather cutter) Wrawby street.
Wray Edward, Market place.
Wray Joseph & Geo. Wrawby street.

Smith Edward junior, Market place.
Young Mary, Bigby street.

Clark Edward, Bigby street.
Jarvis Benjamin, Bigby street.
Leaning George, Bigby street.
Miller Edward, Bridge street.
Sergeant Thomas, Butchery.

Ashton Wm. Wrawby street.
Barnard John, Wrawby street.
Barnard Wm. Little Butchery.
Clark Thomas, Market place.
Goodwin Wm. senior, Wrawby street.
Green George, Bigby street.
Hill William, Bridge street.
Jackson Henry I. Wrawby street.
Johnson Luke, Hope yard.

Atkinson Rh John, Bridge end, West.
Colton William, (and bone), Bridge end, West.
Darley Wm. (coal) Paradise row.
Dawber John, Market place.
Goodwin, Thorp, and Co. Bridge end, East.
Hayton Thomas, Nicholson's yard.

Story Thomas, Market place.
Taylor James, Wrawby street.

Gommerson Mary, Bigby street.
Goodwin, Thorp, and Co., Bridge end, East.
Newborn Richard, Methodist chapel yard.
Oxtoby John, Bridge street.

Nicholson Wm. O. Market place.
Soulby John, Wrawby street.

Green Joseph, Bigby street.
Musgrave R. J. Wrawby street.
Smith John, Market place.
Young Edward, Wrawby street.

Cooper Wm. Wrawby street.
Trower John, Bigby street.

Bradley Frances, Wrawby street.
Gommerson Mary, Bigby street.
Hill Frances, Bridge street.
Jackson Eliz. Wrawby street.
Smith Samuel, Market place.

Nainby D. & W. Wrawby street.

See also Linen Drapers.
Bradley Francis, (& hosier), Wrawby street.
Gommerson Mary, Bigby street.
Hildyard Eliz. Bigby street.
Mumby Robert, Wrawby street.
Smith Samuel, Market place.
Thompson Wm. Bigby street.

Henderson Wm. Wrawby street.
Quipp Jonathan, (perfumer & toy warehouse) Bigby street.

Smith Edward & Son, Market place.

Hildyard Eliz. (& grocer), Bigby street.
Smith Edward, junior, Market place.
Young Mary, Bigby street.

Leggott David H. Butchery.
Marshall John, Robinson's row.
Parker Joseph, Bridge street.
Robinson Francis, (cabinet maker & upholsterer), Bigby street.
Smith Nathaniel, Nicholson's yard, Market place.

Barnard John, Market place.
Booth & Ellis, Market place.
Mason Edward, Bigby street.
Nicholson & Barnard, (and hosiers), Market place.

Clark Martha, Castlethorp.
Goodwin, Thorp, & Co, Bridge end, East.
Parker George, Silversides.
Sergeant Wm. F. Scawby brook.



Atkinson Robert John, (and wharfinger) Bridge end, West.
Colton Wm. Bridge end, West.
Dawber John, Market place.
Goodwin, Thorp, and Co., Bridge end, East.

Cole Mary, (& toy warehouse), Bridge street.
Jackson Eliz. Wrawby street.
Maw Elizabeth, Market place.

Hart James, (and thrashing machine maker, Bridge street.
Pape Clarkson, Silversides.

Barker J. Wrawby street.
Senyard Charles, Nicholson's yard.
Senyard Richard, (& glazier), Butchery.

Brown Wm. Hope yard.
Cheesman John, Bridge street.
Driffill Wm. Wrawby street.

Lyne John, Wrawby street.
Popple John, Bridge street.

Anderton Christopher, Butchery.
Potter William, Wrawby street.
Spring Christopher, Wrawby street.

Barratt Sarah, Bigby street.
Clark Susanna, Wrawby street.

Ashton Wm., Bigby street.
Hayes Richard, Bigby street.
Mason George, Bigby street.
Rudkin John, Wrawby Street.

*Thus are Drapers also.
Cawkwell Thomas Wrawby street.
Cawkwell Thomas Bigby street.
Colton Wm. Wrawby street.
*Eccles John, and hatter Wrawby street.
*Gregory Betsey & hatter Market place.
Havercroft Wm,. Bigby street.
*Hornsby Thomas, Market place.
Overton George, Little lane.
Thompson Wm., & hatter, Bigby street.
Wilson Wm., Wrawby street.

Barnard John, Market place.
Mumby Robert, Wrawby street.
Nainby David & William, Wrawby street.
Nicholson & Barnard, Market place.

Clarke Martha, Castlethorp.
Nainby David & Wm. (fellmongers and glue manufacturers) Wrawby street.
Parker George, Silversides.
Sergeant W.F. Scawby brook.

Parkinson Thos. & Son, near Paradise row.
Slight Edward, Bridge street.

Bartle George, & jeweller, Market place.
Robinson William, Black Bull yard.
Wray John, Wrawby street.

Bartle William, Bigby street.
Houldsworth John & carpenter, Bridge street.
Mundy Thomas, Bridge street.

Hildyard Eliz., Bigby street.
Nicholson Wm. O. Market place.

Akeroyd John, (and worsted manufacturer), Wrawby street.
Dawber John, Market place.
Gladwin Benj. Bridge street.
Goodwin, Thorp and Co., Bridge end, East.

River Ancholme

River Ancholme

TL;DR - Conclusion.

In 1826, there was no Global Warming, there was no Lidl, there was no Railway, there was an awful lot of pubs. There was no Sugar beet factory, no Bike factory, no Jam factory, the hospital was still a workhouse and yet public transport seems to have been infinitely better than it is today. These were maybe the good old days my Granny used to tell me about.

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