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Brigg - 1905 - History

Transcribed from the Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire MCMV

Published : 08 April 2020


Transcribed from the Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire MCMV

BRIGG (or Glanford Brigg) is a market and union town and head of a petty sessional division and county court district and a parish on the river Ancholme. and on the road from Lincoln to Barton and Grimsby, 163½ miles from London. 16 south-west from Hull, 23 north from the city of Lincoln, 16½ north-east from Gainsborough. 19 west from Grimsby, in North Lindsey division of the county, parts of Lindsey, and extends into two wapentakes, viz. Yarborough and Manlake, and is in the rural deanery of Yarborough No. 1, archdeaconry of Stow and diocese of Lincoln. Brigg was formerly only a small fishing hamlet, but is now a thriving town with an extensive trade, well paved and lighted with gas, and supplied with excellent water obtained from St. Helen's well, about a mile from the town: the water works were established by the late C. Cary-Elwes Esq. The Great Central Railway Company has a station here, with extensive warehouses. Under the provisions of the "Local Government Act, 1894" (56 and 57 Vict. c. 73), Brigg is now governed by an Urban District Council, having from 1864 been under the control of a Local Board; it was constituted an ecclesiastical parish Aug. 13, 1872, from the civil parishes of Bigby, Broughton, Scawby and Wrawby.

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The church of St. John the Evangelist, situated in the centre of the town, and rebuilt in 1842-3 on the site of the earlier church, at an expense of about £2,700, is a building of stone in the Gothic style, consisting of chancel, nave, north and south porches and an eastern tower, with pinnacles, containing 8 bells: the stained west window was erected in 1894 as a memorial to the late Rev. Philip Henry Brierly M.A. vicar 1879-93: the sedilia were presented in 1893 by Albert Cressey Esq.; part of the outside stone work was restored in 1893 at a cost of £200, and the south porch restored in 1896: there are 450 sittings. The register of baptisms and marriages dates from 1843; burials, 1857; the old registers are kept at the mother parish church of Wrawby. The living is a vicarage, known as Glandford Bridge, net yearly value £230, with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Lincoln, and held since 1893 by the Rev. Arthur Needham Claye M.A. of Pembroke College, Oxford, rural dean of Yarborough No. 1, surrogate, and chaplain of the Brigg Union Workhouse. Attached to the church is a lectureship, value £30 yearly, derived from 24 acres of land, and held by the vicar.

Bigby Street

Bigby Street

The Catholic church, in Bigby street, is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and has been endowed by V.D.H. Cary-Elwes Esq.; it affords 120 sittings, and near it is a priest's residence; there is a Congregational chapel in Wrawby Street, founded in 1718, with 400 sittings; a Wesleyan chapel, seating 800 persons; a Primitive Methodist chapel, with 300 sittings, both in Bridge Street; the Free Methodist chapel, in Bigby Street, has 300 sittings. The Cemetery, on the road to Wrawby, a short distance from the town, was opened on the 1st of August, 1857, at a cost of £2,500; it is 3 acres in extent with two mortuary chapels, and is under the control of a joint committee, consisting of 5 members appointed by the Brigg Urban District Council and 4 by the Wrawby Parish Council. The weekly market is very well attended and held on Thursday; and a fat stock market held fortnightly on a Tuesday by Mr, Grassby, auctioneer; and a fair is held on the 5th of August for cattle and general commodities, and a hiring for servants on the Friday before Old May-day. The Police Station, a building of stone, adjoins the union house. Petty Sessions are held here every alternate Tuesday, and a County Court is also held here. The Corn Exchange was erected in 1850 by a joint-stock company. The Exchange Club, which occupies rooms at the Corn Exchange, is maintained by the annual subscriptions of the members. There is also a news and reading room, with a library, well supplied with newspapers and periodicals, and one newspaper, "The North Lindsey and Lincolnshire Star," is published here. The Freemasons hold their meetings at the Masonic Rooms on the first Monday in each month at 7 p.m. The Buffaloes hold their meetings at the Woolpack Hotel on Mondays at 8 p.m. There are two banks.

In 1886, during some excavations by the Brigg Gas Works, a very ancient ship was discovered at a depth of about 3ft. 6in. from the surface, and was found to have been hewn out from the trunk of a single and enormous oak tree, the stern being worked out of the butt and the prow out of the upper part; the total length is 48ft. 8in. width 4ft. 3in. and depth 2ft. 3in. and the sides are curved; ridges of timber have been left at intervals, crossing the bottom athwart ship, and corresponding with the floor timbers of a modern craft; the bows are simply rounded, the appearance being as if the ship had heen intended as a ram; V.D.H. Cary-Elwes Esq., has since had a building erected in Bigby Street, where this ancient vessel has now been deposited and may be inspected, The Manor House is the property of Valentine Dudley Henry Cary-Elwes Esq. F.S.A., F.G.H.S., D.L., J.P. one of the principal landowners and Lord of the manor; the house is now occupied by Gervase Henry Cary-Elwes Esq. D.L., J.P. The population in 1901 was 3,137, including 104 officers and inmates in workhouse; rateable value, £10,963; area, 450 acres of land and 13 of water. By Local Government Board Order 26,921, the Urban District was, in March, 1892, extended, and by the same Order the parts of Bigby, Broughton, Scawby and Wrawby, in the Urban District, were amalgamated with the parish.

Parish Clerk, John W. Shinns.

Official Establishments. Local Institutions &c.

Post & M.O. & T.O., T.M.O., E.D., S.B. & A. & I. Office,
1 Wrawby Street.
Postmistress Miss S.J. Jackson.
Letters from London & all parts, arrive at 7.20 a.m.
Town delivery commences 7 a.m.
Day Mail from London & South Midlands arrives at 11.35 a.m.; delivery 11.30 a.m.
Letter Box for London & South of England closes at 11.30 a.m.
Letter Box for Hull & Grimsby closes 3.20 p.m.
Letter Box for London, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Derby, Lincoln, Gainsborough & all parts closes 6.50 p.m.; with an extra stamp at 7 p.m.
Letter Box for Hull & all parts closes at 7.15 p.m.; with an extra stamp at 7.25 p.m.
Sunday Box closes for London & all parts at 4.50 p.m.
Letters dispatched 7.10, 7·30, 8.30, 9.20 & 11.30 a.m. & 3.20, 6.50 & 7.15 p.m.
Money orders issued from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Postal orders from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Telegraph office open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Savings Bank business transacted from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Parcel Post. - Parcels received from 7.20 a.m. to 8.10 p.m.; dispatches at 8 & 11.30 a.m. & 3.15, 5·45, 6.55 & 7.30 p.m.
Pillar Letter Box, Queen Street, cleared 11.30 a.m. & 3·10 & 6.40 p.m.
Wall Letter Boxes,
Bridge Street, cleared 11.10 a.m. & 3 & 6.30 p.m.;
Glebe Road, cleared at 11.25 a.m. & 6.15 p.m.;
at Station, cleared at 6.45 & 11 a.m. & 3.40, 6.15 & 7.45 p.m.
& Mill Place, cleared at 9.10 a.m. & 6.20 p.m.


Cary-Elwes Valentine Dudley Henry Esq. F.S.A., F.G.H.S., D.L. Billing Hall, Northamptonshire, chairman.
Yarborough Earl of P.C., D.L. Brocklesby Park, Ulceby.
Astley-Corbett Sir Francis Edmund George Bart. D. L. Elsham Hall, Brigg.
Cary-Elwes Gervase Hy. Esq. D.L. The Manor House, Brigg.
Cliff Joseph Esq. D.L. Scawby grove, Brigg.
Coates William Henry Esq. Searby Manor, Lincoln.
James Popple Esq. Castlethorpe, Broughton, Brigg.
Sutton-Nelthorpe Robert Nassau Esq. D.L. Scawby Hall, Brigg.
Underwood William Weston Esq. Somerby Hall, Brigg.

The chairmen for the time being of the Brigg & Broughton Urban & Glandford Brigg Rural District Councils, are ex-officio magistrates.

Clerk to the Magistrates, Francis Crowder Hett, 11 Bigby Street, Brigg.

Petty Sessions are held at the Police Station every alternate Tuesday at 11 a.m. The petty sessional division comprises the following places :-
Barnetby, Bigby, Brocklesby, Broughton, Cadney-cum-Housham, Croxton, Elsham, Glanford Brigg, Hibaldstow, Kirmington, Melton Ross, Newstead, Redbourne, Scawby, Snitterby, Somerby, Waddingham, Worlaby, Wrawby.

Meetings held in the Council room, Town Hall, on third Friday in each month at 7 p.m.

All retire in April, 1907.
Chairman, Barker Symonds.
Sidney Chatterton.
Joseph Davy.
Henry George Dent.
George Van Eccles.
Joseph Farrow.
Godfrey Goodman.
Joseph John Green.
William Edwin Knight.
George Arthur Lyne.
Antonie Middlemore Sergeant.
Harry Stamp.
Joseph H. Skevington.
Jonathan Spring.
Lewis Stevenson.

Clerk, George Shaw Sowter, Bigby Street.
Treasurer, Anthony Thorpe, 8 Wrawby Street.
Medical Officer of Health, John Russell M.B., 7 Market Place.
Surveyor, Sanitary Inspector & Collector, Edward Knott Clark, Bigby Street.

Meet at the Board room, at the Workhouse, every fortnight, at 11 a.m.
Chairman, W. C. Wood.
Clerk, Francis Crowder Hett, Bigby Street, Brigg.
Treasurer, A. S. L. Melville, Bank, Lincoln.
Medical Officer of Health, Godfrey Goudman L.R.C.P. Irel., Bridge Street.
Sanitary Surveyor & Inspector of Nuisances, John Bainton, Scunthorpe.
Surveyor of Highways, Joseph Farrow, Bigby Street, Brigg.

Cattle & Pig Market, Woolpack yard, Frederick Henry Grassby, lessee.
Cemetery, Wrawby Road, Henry M. Hett, clerk to the joint committee; William Hales, keeper.
Corn Exchange, Market Place, Henry M. Hett, sec.
County Court, Police Station, Wrawby Street; office, Bigby Street; His Honour Sir George Sherston Baker Bart., judge; Henry M. Hett, registrar & high bailiff; George Nicholas Danby, bailiff.
The court is held every two months. The following parishes & places are within its jurisdiction :-.
Appleby, Ashby, Barnetby-le-Wold, Bottesford, Brumby, Broughton, Burringham, Burton-upon-Stather, Burton Stather, Buttewick East, Cadney-cum-Howsham, Castlethorpe, Cleatham, Crosby, Croxton, Elsham, Flixborough, Frodingham, Gokewell, Glanford Brigg, Gunhouse (in the parish of Frodingham), Hibaldstow, Holme, Kirmington, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Manby, Manton, Melton Ross, Messingham, Newstead. Normanby, Raventhorpe, Redbourne, Santon (High & Low), Scawby-cum-Sturton, Scunthorpe, Thealby, Twigmore, Worlaby, Wrawby, Yaddlethorpe.

An Order in Council has been made (1900) that a bi-monthly court will be held at Scunthorpe.

For Bankruptcy purposes this court is included in that of Grimsby, Arthur Stewart Maples, Trinity House lane, Hull, official receiver.

Certified Bailiffs under the "Law of Distress Amendment Act, 1888," David Grant Briggs, Wrawby Road; Jonathan Spring, Brigg; George Nicholas Danby, Bigby Road, Brigg; Charles A. Cheesman & Joseph Wass, Scunthorpe.

County Police Station, Wrawby Street, William Peech, inspector, one sergeant, Sergeant James Cook, two constables for the town & five others in country.

Inland Revenue Office, Angel inn, Steward Edward Hall, Bigby Road.

Lincolnshire Chamber of Agriculture (Brigg· branch), Angel hotel, R. N. Sutton-Nelthorpe Esq. chairman; E. J. Turton, Horkstow, hon. sec.

Reading Room & Library, Bridge Street, Jonathan Spring, hon. sec.

Stamp Office, Bridge Street, John Hampden Sergeant, distributor.

Town Hall, Market Place.

Board day every alternate Thursday at the Union workhouse, at 11 a.m.

Glanford Brigg union comprises the following places:­
Alkborough, Appleby, Ashby, Barnetby-le-Wold, Barrow-upon-Humber, Barton-upon-Humber, Bonby, Bottesford, Broughton, Brumby. Burringham, Burton-upon-Stather, Butterwick East, Cadney-cum-Howsham, Cleatham, Crosby, Croxton, Elsham, Ferriby South, Flixborough, Frodingham, Glanford Brigg, Goxhill, Gunhouse, Halton East, Halton West, Hibaldstow, Holme, Horkstow, Killingholme North, Killingholme South, Kirmington, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Manton, Melton Ross, Messingham, Newstead, Raventhorpe, Redbourne, Roxby-cum-Risby, Saxby, Scawby-cum-Sturton, Scunthorpe, Thornton Curtis, Twigmoor, Ulceby, Whitton, Winteringham, Winterton, Wootton, Worlaby, Wrawby.

The population of the Union in 1901 was 44,704; area, 151,838 acres; rateable value in 1904, £345,367

Chairman of the Board of Guardians, Thomas Tombleson, Holydyke, Barton-upon-Humber.
Clerk to the Guardians & Assessment Committee, Francis C. Hett, Bigby Street, Brigg.
Treasurer, Alexander Samuel Leslie Melville, Lincoln.

Relieving Officers & Collectors to the Guardians,
Barton district, Elwood Alfred Elwood, Barton-on-Humber;
Brigg district, George Caudwell, Grammar School Road, Brigg;
Winterton district, Joseph H. Kendall, Scunthorpe.

Vaccination Officer, Charles William Cray, Point House Brigg.

Medical Officers & Public Vaccinators,
Barrow district, Thomas M. Watt L.R.C.P. Irel., Goxhill;
Barton district, William George Loveridge M.D., Barton-on-Humber;
Brigg East district, Francis George Goodman B.A. M.D., 25 Bigby Street, Brigg;
Brigg West district, Richard Henry Powers L.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng., 2 Bigby Street, Brigg;
Burringham district, Maximillian Raphael Julian Behrendt L.R.C.P. Edin., Scunthorpe;
Kirton district, John Ernest Sharpley L.R.C.P. Lond., The Grove, Kirton-in-Lindsey;
Messingham district, Thos. Benjamin Franklin Eminson M.R.C.S. Eng., Scotter;
Scunthorpe district, James Couldrey, Scunthorpe;
Ulceby district, George Maw L.R.C.P. Lond., Ulceby;
Winterton district, Thomas Sanders Worboys L.R.C.P. Lond., Winterton.

Superintendent Registrar, Francis C. Hett, Bigby Street, Brigg; deputy, Henry Kenning, Alexandra Terrace, Brigg.

Registrars of Births & Deaths,
Barton sub-district, Elwood Alfred Elwood, Barton-on-Humber; deputy, Richard F. Smith, Barton-on-Humber;
Brigg sub district, George Caudwell, Grammar School Road, Brigg; deputy, Mrs. Bertha Caudwell, Grammar School Road, Brigg;
Winterton sub-district, John Bainton, Scunthorpe; deputy, George Kenning, Scunthorpe.

Registrars of Marriages,
Barton district, Henry Jenkins Tomlinson, Barton-on-Humber; deputy, J. M. Good, Barton-on-Humber;
Brigg district, Joseph Wilmore, Clare villa, Grammar School Road, Brigg; deputy, Saml. Patchett, Wrawby Street, Brigg;
Winterton district, John Bainton, Scunthorpe; deputy, George Kenning, Scunthorpe.

The Workhouse, Wrawby Street, at the entrance of the town from Wrawby, was erected in 1835 & is an edifice of white brick, with a detached fever ward, & will hold 220 inmates; Rev. A. N. Claye M.A. chaplain; H. Gibson, master; Mrs. Gibson, matron.

3rd Volunteer Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment (G Co.) (Capt. & Hon. Major G. Dove; Rev. E. M. Weigall M.A. acting chaplain; Col. Sergt. John Bugg, drill instructor.

Assessor & Collector of Crown Taxes, George Nicholas Danby, Bigby Road, Brigg.
Assistant Overseer & Collector of Poor's Rates, Thomas Danby, 21 Bigby Road.
Certifying Factory Surgeon, Godfrey Goodman L.R.C.P.I. Bridge Street.
Clerk to the Burial Board, Henry M. Hett, Bigby Street.
Clerk to Commissioners of Taxes, Henry Metcalfe Hett, Bigby Street.
Clerk to Commissioners of Sewers, Francis C. Hett, Bigby Street.
Collector of Market Tolls, Frederick Rose, Elwes Street.
Commissioners of Ancholme Drainage & Navigation, Francis C. Hett, clerk; Alfred Atkinson C.E. engineer; William Robinson, toll collector.
Inland Revenue Officer & Inspector of Corn Returns, Steward Edward Hall, Bigby Road.
Inspector of Police, William Peech, Police Station, Wrawby Street.
Sheriff's Officers, Spring & Danby, 19 Market Place.
Town Crier, James Scott, 35 Bigby Street.
Treasurer to the Court of Sewers, W. O. Nicholson.

with times of services.

St. John the Evangelist Parish Church, Bigby Street, Rev. A. N. Claye M.A. vicar & lecturer; Rev. Samuel Siddall, curate; 8 & 11 a.m. & 2.30 & 6.30 p.m.; daily, 7·45 a.m. & 7 p.m.

Immaculate Heart of Mary (Catholic), Bigby Street, Rev. John Alyn Wenham, priest; mass, 8.30 & 11 a.m.; service, 6.30 p.m.; daily mass, 8.30 a.m.; Thurs. service, 7.30 p.m.

Congregational, Wrawby Street; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m.

Primitive Methodist, Bridge Street, Revs. John Spensley (supt.) & Robert J. Fenwick; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; Tues. 7.15 p.m.

Methodist Free Church, Bigby Street, Rev. John R. Langley; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; Mon. 7.30 p.m.

Wesleyan, Bridge Street, Rev. Charles E. Gough M.A.; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m.


Grammar, Grammar School Road, erected in 1674 & altered & enlarged in 1878, was endowed by Sir John Nelthorpe Bart. who in 1669 invested property in the hands of trustees for its maintenance: it is now a secondary school, with an income of £400 yearly, derived from land & houses; Joseph Bunch, acting head master; Miss Lillian Slatter, head mistress. Under a new scheme granted by the Charity Commissioners, dated 1890, the schools have been enlarged by the County Council & converted into a mixed school for boys & girls, at a cost of £400, & are now controlled by a body of governors; R. N. Sutton-Nelthorpe Esq. chairman.
An Education Committee of 6 members was formed Feb. 1903; C. W. Cray, Point house, Brigg, sec.; Ebenezer Middlebrook, 19 Glebe Road, attendance officer.

Public Elementary Schools.
Boys, Albert Street, erected in 1855, for 185 children; average attendance, 173; William Pawley, master.
Girls, Bigby Road, erected in 1855, for 183 children; average attendance, 159; Miss Jane Eggleston, mistress.
Infants', Coney Court, erected in 1848, for 180 children; average attendance, 117; Mrs. Maude Twidle, mistress.
Catholic, Bigby Street; average attendance, 73; Mrs. Francis Wheeler, mistress.

Iron Age log boat found in 1886

Iron Age log boat found in 1886


North Lindsey & Lincolnshire Star, published Friday evening; Joshua Davy, proprietor, printer & publisher; office, 21 Bigby Street, Brigg


Railway Station, Great Central Railway, Stephen Bowring, station master; M. L. Green, carting agent, Bigby Road

An omnibus from the Angel hotel meets every train.

Bridge Street

Bridge Street


With inns they go from & days of departure.

Alkborough - Chambers, 'Ancholme,' Mon. Thurs. & Sat.; Gunson, 'Woolpack,' Mon. Thurs. & Sat.
Appleby - Charles Leaning, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.
Ashby - John Smith,'Ancholme,' Thurs. & Sat.; Drayton, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.
Barnetby-le-Wold - Samuel Crow, 'Black Bull,' Thurs.
Barrow - Henry Hewitt, 'Black Bull,' Thurs.
Barton - Richard Tupling, 'Red Lion,' Tues. Thurs. & Sat.
Bishop Norton - Horner, 'Nelthorpe Arms,' Thurs.
Bonby - William Trippett, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.
Broughton - F. Hare & James Wells, 'Nelthorpe Arms' Thurs. & Sat.
Burringham - William Drayton, 'White Hart,' Thurs. & Sat.
Caistor - William Drury, also Smith, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.
Cadney - Elsom, 'Ancholme,' Thurs. & Sat.
Frodingham - Dent, 'White Hart,' Thurs.
East Butterwick - Marshall, 'White Hart,' Thurs. & Sat.
Elsham - Stainton, 'Red Lion,' Mon. Thurs. & Sat.; Reed, Thurs.; Scott, Hope inn, Thurs. & Sat.
Grasby - Lacy, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.; Clarke, Thurs.
Habrough - Thomas Miller, 'Red Lion,' Thurs.
Hibaldstow - Henry Coulson, 'Nelthorpe Arms,' Thurs. & Sat.; Lilly & Norwood, 'Woolpack,' Thurs. & Sat.
Howsham - Ashton, 'Ancholme,' Thurs. & Sat.; Day, 'Red Lion,' Thurs. & Sat.
Keelby - Hopkin, 'Red Lion,' Thurs.
Kelsey, North - Harrison, 'Ancholme,' Thurs. &; Sat. also Bell, Thurs.
Kelsey, South - Henry Martin, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.; Wallis Barr, 'Red Lion,' Thurs.; Topliss, 'Nelthorpe Arms,' Thurs.
Killingholme - Bennett, 'Woolpack,' Thurs.
Kirton-in-Lindsey - Richardson, 'Ancholme,' Mon. & Thurs.
Limber, Great - Charles Crow, 'Red Lion,' Thurs.
Messingham - Wright, 'Nelthorpe Arms,' Thurs; Massey, Ancholme tavern, Thurs.
Owersby - William Horton, 'Red Lion,' Thurs.
Roxby - William Girdham, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.
Saxby - Stark, 'White Horse,' Thurs.
Scawby - Sherriff, 'Ancholme,' Thurs. & Sat.; Henry Whitehead, 'Nelthorpe Arms,' Tues. Thurs. & Sat.
Scotter - Harsley, 'White Hart,' Thurs.
Scunthorpe - Skelton, 'Ancholme,' Thurs. & Sat. also Arrand, Thurs.
Searby - Hudson, 'Black Bull,' Thurs.
Snitterby - Keal, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.; Wilkinson, 'White Hart,' Thurs
Susworth - Green, 'White Hart,' Thurs.
Thornton - William Hogg, 'Red Lion,' Thurs. & Sat.
Ulceby - Baker, 'Black Bull,' Thurs.
Waddingham - Todd, 'Nelthorpe Arms,' Thurs.; Turner, 'Ancholme,' Thurs. & Sat.
Willoughton - Taylor, 'Nelthorpe Arms,' Thurs.
Worlaby - Drury, 'Woolpack,' Thurs. & Sat.; Girdham, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.
Winterton - Skelton, 'Nelthorpe Arms,' Mon. Thurs. & Sat.; George Harrison, 'Woolpack,' Mon. Thurs. & Sat.
Wootton - James Cook, 'Red Lion,' Thurs. & Sat.; Wilson, 'Red Lion,' Thurs.
Wrawby - Taylor, 'Red Lion,' daily; Overton, 'Ancholme,' Thurs.
Winteringham - Thornton, 'Brocklesby Ox,' Thurs.

The river Ancholme was somewhat busier in 1905

The river Ancholme was somewhat busier in 1905


Hull - The Ancholme Packet Company's steamboat leaves their wharf, Riverside, calling at Broughton, Appleby, Bonby, Saxby & other places, on Mon. Tues. Thurs. & Fri.; returning from the Corporation Pier, Hull, times for starting & returning being according to tide; Harry Hardy, manager.

Steam trading vessels to Hull from the Brigg wharf, in connection with the Ancholme Packet Company; Harry Hardy, manager.

Fox's market boat from Brandy wharf, every Thurs. for Brigg, calling at the various landings.

Market day

Market day


  • Abey Mrs. New Street
  • Allen Frank, 22 Bridge Street
  • Allen Mrs. Bigby Road
  • Atkinson Alfred C. E. Bridge Street
  • Baker John Sutton, Bank house, Market Place
  • Briggs David Grant, Wrawby Road
  • Brown Miss, 16 Bigby Street
  • Bunch Joseph Arthur, Bigby Road
  • Cartwright Henry, Bigby Road
  • Cary-Elwes Gervase Henry D.L., J.P. The Manor house; & White's club, London S W
  • Chatterton Mrs. Herbert, Bigby Road
  • Chatterton Sidney, Bridge Street
  • Chatterlon William, Wrawby Road
  • Claye Rev. Arthur Needham M.A.; (vicar & surrogate, rural dean of Yarborough No.1 & chaplain of the workhouse), Vicarage
  • Fenwick Rev. Robert J. (Primitive Methodist), 12 West terrace
  • Fox Edmund Thomas, White lodge
  • Gibbons Mrs. Albert Street
  • Goodman Francis George B.A., M.D., M.Ch. 25 Bigby Street
  • Goodman Godfrey, Bridge Street
  • Gough Rev. Charles H., M.A. (Wes.), Wesleyan manse, Bridge Street
  • Gummerson James, Mill Place
  • Harvey John T. L. 21 Albert Street
  • Henderson Joseph, Wesley Villa, Albert Street
  • Hobson Mrs. Albert Street
  • Holmes William Pigott, Yarboro Place, Albert Street
  • Hopkins Miss, Grammar School Road
  • Jackson Miss, Bigby Street
  • Kirsop John, Bigby Road
  • Lancaster Thomas, Wrawby Road
  • Langley Rev. John R. (Free Church), Glebe Road
  • Lyne George Arthur, Carlton house, Grammar School Road
  • Mason Mrs. 17 Bigby Street
  • Marris Colquhoun Miss, Albert Villa, Albert Street
  • Moxon James Burdett, Bridge Street
  • Parker John Edward, Yew cottage, Albert Street
  • Powers Richard Henry, Bigby Street
  • Rayner John Mirrick, Copper Beech house, Bridge Street
  • Renshaw Mrs. 1 Albert Street
  • Ross Mrs. Albert Street
  • Russell John M.B. 7 Market Place
  • Sergeant Antonie M. The Cedars, Bigby Road
  • Sergeant John Hampden, Elm Tree house, Bigby Road
  • Siddall Rev. Samuel (curate), Albert Street
  • Simpson Thomas Field, Havana house, Albert Street
  • Smith John, Ivy cottage, Albert Street
  • Sowter George S. Arley house
  • Spensley Rev. John (Primitive Methodist), Bridge Street
  • Spring Jonathan, 18 Bigby Street
  • Stamp Mrs. Charlotte, Bridge Street
  • Stamp Harry, Bridge Street
  • Symonds Barker, 21 Market Place
  • Symonds Ernest A. Bigby Road
  • Symonds Mrs. 14 Market Place
  • Titley Mrs. Albert Street
  • Turnbull Mrs. The Limes, Albert Street
  • Waters Mrs. Wrawby Road
  • Wenham Rev. John Alyn (Catholic), Bigby Street
  • West Mrs. Bigby Street
  • Westoby Edward, The Laurels, Wrawby Road
  • Wyke Joseph, Melton cot. Bridge Street

Brigg Market

Brigg Market


  • Early closing day, Wednesday 2 p.m.
  • Allen John, coach builder, Bridge Street
  • Allen William Claughton, confectioner, 32 Market Place
  • Ancholme Drainage & Navigation Engineer's Office (Frank C. Hett, clerk; Alfred Atkinson C. E. enginr.), Bridge Street
  • Ancholme Lodge of Freemasons (No.1282) (worshipful master, Br. J. Spring P.P.G.O.; sec. W. Bro. H. Cooper P.M)
  • Ancholme Packet Co. Limited (Harry Hardy, manager)
  • Ancholme Rowing Club (H. Sergeant, hon. sec.) ; head quarters, Angel hotel
  • Ashton John, Woolpack hotel, Market Place
  • Atkinson Alfred A.M.Inst.C.E. civil engineer, engineer to the commissioners of the Ancholme Drainage &; Navigation & surveyor to the Commissioners of Sewers, Bridge Street
  • Atkinson Frederick William, wheelwright, blacksmith & plumber & glazier, Bridge Street
  • Bailey B. H. & Co. grocers, Bridge Street
  • Baker John Sutton, manager of branch of Lincoln & Lindsey Bank, treasurer to the Broughton Urban District Council & Fire & Life insurance agent, Market Place
  • Baker William George P. householder, 1 Glebe villas, Grammar School Road
  • Baker William Wattam, householder, 2 Glebe villas, Grammar School Road
  • Bartle Anthony, draper, Market Place
  • Bates Thomas Blyth, Lamb inn, Bigby Street
  • Beel Charles Ayscough, Black Bull P.H. Wrawby Street
  • Bell Edwin & Thomas, millers (wind & steam) & corn merchants, Mill lane & grocers & linseed & cotton cake merchants, Engine Street
  • Bergman Lewis Hansell, dentist, 2 Wrawby Street
  • Blissett Reuben, beer retailer, Wrawby Street
  • Bloodworth Richard, market gardener, Mill lane
  • Bowler, Clarke & Co. jam, jelly & flavour essence mfr's
  • Bowring Stephen, station master, Great Central railway station
  • Bradley Anthony, clothier, 14 Wrawby Street
  • Bramley William & Son, house, sign & coach painters, paperhangers & house decorators, Bridge Street
  • Bratley John & Alfred, corn merchants & millers (steam), Roller flour mills, Mill Place
  • Brigg Corn Exchange Co. Limited (Henry Metcalfe Hett, sec.; John Holmes, caretaker), Market Place
  • Brigg Constitutional Club (James L. Hutton, sec.; Wm. Pawley, treasurer), Bridge Street
  • Brigg Cricket Club (Alfred John Harrison, sec.); head quarters, Angel hotel
  • Brigg Gas Works (Urban District Council, proprietors), Riverside
  • Brigg Town Football Club (Gerald Drinkall, sec.), Wrawby Street
  • Brigg Mutual Protection Society (George S. Sowter, solicitor), Bigby Street
  • Brigg Water Works (V. Cary-Elwes Esq. proprietor)
  • Briggs David Grant, auctioneer, see Calthrop & Briggs
  • Brown George, chemist & druggist, 28 Market Place
  • Bryan Francis John. stone, marble & monumental mason & photographer, Wrawby Road
  • Buffaloes Lodge (Glanford Ancient Order of G.L.E. ; No. 511) (Harry Sergeant, sec.), Woolpack hotel, Market Place
  • Calthrop & Brigg, auctioneers, valuers, estate agents & surveyors, Wrawby Road; & at Horkstow
  • Campion Samuel (exors. of), stone masons, Bridge Street
  • Campion Tom & Son, butchers, 58 Wrawby Street
  • Cartwright Henry, hay & straw dealer, Exchange yard
  • Caudwell George, relieving officer & collector to the guardians & registrar of births & deaths for Brigg district, Grammar School Road
  • Caudwell Bertha (Mrs.), deputy registrar of births & deaths Brigg sub-district, Grammar School Road
  • Cemetery (Henry M. Hett, clerk to the joint committee; William Hales, keeper), Wrawby Road
  • Chapman Jesse, blacksmith, Chapel yard
  • Chatterton Brothers, corn merchants, Bridge Street
  • Cheesman Thomas Toft, plumber & glazier, 20 Wrawby Street
  • Clark Alfred, fishmonger, 56 Wrawby Street
  • Clark Caleb, bricklayer, 4 Queen Street
  • Clark Edward K. Dying Gladiator P.H. & builder & contractor, 49 Bigby Street & Paradise Place
  • Clark Frederick, brush & mat dealer, Glebe Road
  • Clark Edward Knott, surveyor, inspector of nuisances & collector to Brigg Urban District Council, Bigby Street
  • Clark John, tailor, 35 Bridge Street
  • Coachafer Norah (Miss), milliner
  • Cooper Henry, linen draper, Bridge Street
  • Cooper William, boot maker, Elwes Street
  • County Court (Henry M. Hett, registrar & high bailiff); office, Bigby Street
  • Cox Samuel, cattle dealer, 22 Wrawby Road
  • Cray Charles William, vaccination officer for Glanford Brigg union, & teacher of music & organist, Point house
  • Cross Edward, butcher, 18 Wrawby Street
  • Cross John Henry, watch maker & jeweller, 2 Wrawby Street
  • Cross Robert, confectioner, 24 Wrawby Street
  • Danby George Nicholas, assessor & collector of taxes & county court bailiff & sheriff's officer, Bigby Road
  • Danby Thomas, assistant overseer & poor's rate collector, 21 Bigby Road
  • Davy Joshua, general printer, also printer & publisher of " The North Lindsey & Lincolnshire Star" newspaper; published Saturdays; works, Wrawby Street; office, 21 Bigby Street
  • Dent Henry, builder, Bigby Road; yard, Elwes Street
  • Dent John Jarvis, watch maker, 61 Wrawby Street
  • Denton R. & S. butchers & cattle dealers, Bridge Street
  • Draper George, confectioner, 21 Elwes Street
  • Draper Wallace, painter & decorator, 12 Wrawby Street
  • Draper William, keel owner, Alexandra Terrace, Bridge Street
  • Draper William, keel owner, Barnards Row, Bridge Street
  • Drinkall John William, grocer, & temperance hotel, Wrawby Street
  • Dunham Charlotte (Mrs.), coal dealer, Manley gardens
  • Dunn Frederick & Sons, boot & shoe mas. 72 Wrawby Street
  • Eaton Robert, tailor & draper, 9 Wrawby Street
  • Eccles George V. hatter, tailor &c. 5 Bigby Street
  • Edlington George William, householder, Albert Street
  • Edlington J. B. (W. B. Taylor, branch manager), engineer, Victoria foundry
  • Elliott Jos. chimney sweeper, 28 Engine Street
  • Elwood Ann (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, & agent for Sutton & Co. carriers, 11 Market Place
  • Elwood John Henry, ironmonger, Wrawby Street
  • Evison Francis, district insurance agent, Bridge Street
  • Exchange Club (Alfred Atkinson Esq. C.E. hon. sec.), Corn exchange
  • Fairbank George, reporter, Garden Street
  • Farmers' Co. Limited, manufacturers of chemical manures, linseed & oil cake & seed crushers (Thomas Pigott, sec.; W. P. Holmes, assistant manager), Yarborough mills; & at Barton-on-Humber
  • Farrow Joseph, surveyor of highways to Glanford Brigg Rural District Council, Bigby Street
  • Finney Henry J. (exors. of), drapers, 74 Wrawby Street
  • Fletcher Henry, shopkeeper, 6 Albert Street
  • Fox Edmund Tho.; solicitor (firm, Hayes & Fox), 5 Market Place
  • Frankish Kate (Mrs.), ladies' school, Bigby Street
  • Freer, Hett & Hett, solicitors; agents to the Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society & to the Alliance Fire Assurance Co. Bigby Street
  • Frost Edward, Red Lion inn, 7 Wrawby Street
  • Gale Henry William, bank clerk, Bigby Road
  • Gibson George Henry, chemist & druggist, 76 Wrawby Street
  • Gilliatt John, cattle dealer, 18 Bigby Road
  • Gilliatt William, cattle dealer, 9 Albert Street
  • Glentworth Joseph, coal dealer, Bridge Street
  • Glover George, boot & shoe maker, 60 Wrawby Street
  • Glover Robert, tailor, poulterer & game dealer 15 Bigby Street
  • Glover Walter, cycle agent, see Green & Glover
  • Goodman, Goodman & Ffrench, surgeons, Bridge Street
  • Goodman Francis George B.A., M.D., M.Ch. & L.M. surgeon {see Goodman, Goodman & Ffrench), & medical officer, Union workhouse, medical officer & public vaccinator for East Brigg district, 25 Bigby Street
  • Goodman Godfrey L.R.C.P. & S. & L.M.Irel., D.P.H., R.C.P. & S.Irel.(firm, Goodman, Goodman & Ffrench), surgeon, & medical officer of health to the Glanford Brigg Rural District Council & certifying factory surgeon, Bridge Street
  • Grammar School (Joseph Bunch, acting head master; Miss Lillian Slatter, head mistress), Grammar School Road
  • Grassby Frederick Henry, auctioneer & valuer & lessee of cattle market, Mill Place
  • Gray G. & Co. sheep dip manufacturers, Elwes Street
  • Gray Mary Ann (Mrs.), apartments, 34 Albert Street
  • Green & Glover, cycle agents, 46 Wrawby Street
  • Green Charles, painter, 57 Wrawby Street
  • Green George, carman, Elizabeth terrace
  • Green George William, draper, 25 Market Place
  • Green John Edward, cabinet maker &c. 42 Bigby Street
  • Green Miles Lane, carter & contractor for the Great Central Railway Co. & jobmaster, Bigby Road
  • Gummerson James, grocer, 20 Market Place
  • Hall George, fishmonger, 5 Bridge Street
  • Hall Steward Edward, inland revenue officer, Bigby Road
  • Halmshaw Mary Louisa (Mrs.), china &c. dealer, 10 Wrawby Street
  • Hardy Harry, manager, Grammar School Road
  • Hayes & Fox, solicitors, 5 Market Place; & at Scunthorpe
  • Henderson & Son, hair dressers & fancy repository, 51 Bigby Street
  • Henderson Charles William, watch maker, 44 Bigby Street
  • Hett Charles Louis, engineer, Springfield
  • Hett Frans. Crowder (firm, Freer, Hett & Hett), solicitor. commissioner for oaths, clerk to commissioners of Ancholme Drainage & Navigation, to the Magistrates for Brigg & Scunthorpe Petty Sessional divisions, to Scunthorpe Urban District Council, to Frodingham & Brumby burial board, to Glanford Brigg Rural District Council, to Commissioners of Sewers, & clerk to the guardians & assessment committee of Glanford Brigg union & superintendent registrar of Glanford Brigg district, Bigby Street
  • Hett Henry Metcalfe (firm, Freer, Hett & Hett), solicitor, registrar & high bailiff of county court at Brigg, clerk to the joint cemetery committee, clerk to Manley commissioners of taxes & sec. to Brigg Corn Exchange Co.
  • Hewitt Mary (Mrs.), Hope inn, Market Place
  • Hinchscliffe Martin, Hammer in Hand P .H. Elwes Street
  • Hocknell Ben, greengrocer, 45 Wrawby Street
  • Holmes John William, plumber &c. Manley gardens
  • Horstead John, rope maker, 80 Bridge Street
  • Horstead John E. beer retailer, Bridge Street
  • Houghton Robert Joseph, insurance agent,8 Queen Street
  • Husband J. B. & Co. carriage builder,Grammar School Road
  • Hutchinson Hy. beer retailer & wheelwright, 17 Wrawby Street
  • Jackson Sarah Jane (Miss), postmistress, Post office
  • Jackson & Sons, booksellers & stationers, news agents, printers & music sellers, pianoforte & harmonium warehouse, 33 Market Place
  • Jackson George, insurance agent, Bigby Road
  • Jackson Thomas, grocer, 66 Wrawby Street
  • Jackson William M. householder, Bigby Road
  • Kelford William, boot & shoe maker, Bigby Road
  • Kenning Henry, deputy superintendent registrar for Glanford Brigg district & clerk to Broughton Urban District Council, Alexandra terrace, Bridge Street
  • Kettle John Thomas, cabinet maker, upholsterer, general home furnisher, undertaker & furniture remover, Wrawby Street
  • Kirsop John, Liberal registration agent, Queen Street
  • Knapton Cutsforth, market gardener & florist, Grammar School Road
  • Knight William Edwin, butcher, 63 Wrawby Street
  • Knott Harry, coal dealer, Bridge Street
  • Knott Harriett (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Bridge Street
  • Landers John, estate agent to Valentine Dudley Henry Cary-Elwes Esq. Coney Court, Market Place
  • Layne George Henry, cycle depot, 43 Bigby Street
  • Lee Thomas, draper, 55 Wrawby Street
  • Leeson George, confectioner, Grammar School Road
  • Lincoln .& Lindsey Banking Co. Limited (branch) (John Sutton Baker, manager), Market Place ; draw on London & Westminster Bank Ltd. Lothbury, London E C
  • Lincolnshire Chamber of Agriculture (Brigg branch) (W. H. Coates Esq. chairman; E. J. Turton, of Horkstow, hon. sec.), Angel hotel
  • Lye Emily (Miss), boot & shoe maker, 59 Wrawby Street
  • Lyne George Arthur, rope, twine & sheep netting manufacturer & dealer in sacks, stack, wagon covers, seed merchant, saddler &c. 6 Wrawby Street
  • Mapplethorpe John, apartments, 6 Princes Street
  • Mapplethorpe John Lawrence, confectioner & tobacconists, Bridge Street
  • Meanwell Samson, blacksmith, Manley gardens
  • Megson Arth. Wm. stationer & newsagent. 5 Wrawby Street
  • Michelson John William. White Horse hotel, Wrawby Street
  • Middlebrook Ebenezer, school attendance officer,19 Glebe Road
  • Middleton John, saddler, 16 Wrawby Street
  • Midland Gun Co. gun dealers & cycle agents,12 Market Place
  • Milson Sarah Ann (Miss), teacher of music, Selwood house. Wrawbv Street
  • Milson Thomas, joiner, Paradise Place, Elwes Street
  • Milson William, Brocklesby Ox inn, Bridge Street
  • Milson William, apartments, Selwood house, Wrawby Street
  • Moore Benjamin, baker, Market Place
  • Mould Charles, joiner &c. Bigby Street
  • Moxon James Burdett M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A. surgeon, Bridge Street
  • Mundey Richard, butcher, Queen Street
  • Mundey Thomas, butcher, 22 Market Place
  • Nainby William, ironmonger, 50 Bigby Street
  • Needham George, corn &c. dealer, Elwes Street
  • Nettleton Betsy (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 49 Wrawby Street
  • North Lindsey & Lincolnshire Star PrintingWorks(Joshua Davy, proprietor), Wrawby Street; office, 21 Bigby Street
  • North Lindsey Unionist Association (Edmund Gabriel, sec.), 54 Wrawby Street
  • Otter Isabella (Mrs.), grocer & baker, 62 Wrawby Street
  • Palethorpe William, greengrocer, 37 Bridge Street
  • Parker Charles, stationer, bookseller, printer & dealer in fancy goods, 54 Wrawby Street
  • Parker John Edward, tailor, Bridge Street
  • Patchett Samuel, draper, & deputy registrar of marriages for Brigg district, Wrawby Street
  • Pawley William, schoolmaster, Albert Street
  • Peacock & Binnington, agricultural implement manufacturers & cart & wagon builders, Foundry lane; & 11 to 15 West Street, Hull
  • Peech Wm. inspector of police, Police station, Wrawby Street
  • Powers Richard Henry L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. surgeon, & medical officer & public vaccinator West district, Brigg union, 2 Bigby Street
  • Priest John Christian, watch & clock maker, Bridge Street
  • Quickfall William, confectioner, 23 Wrawby Street
  • Raspin John, cowkeeper, Mill lane
  • Rayner John, tobacconist & refreshment rooms, Market Place
  • Reading Room & Library (Jonathan Spring, hon. sec.), Bridge Street
  • Reeve Edith (Mrs.), confectioner, 65 Wrawby Street
  • Religious Tract Society's Depot (Jackson & Sons), 33 Market Place
  • Rhodes Albert A. chemist, 64 Wrawby Street
  • Richardson Agnes (Miss), apartments, 20 Bigby Street
  • Richardson Francis, pork butcher, Grammar School Road
  • Rist Frederick R. manager Lord Nelson P.H. Market Place
  • Robb Frederick George, pork butcher, 29 Bridge Street
  • Roberts John, shopkeeper, 56 Bridge Street
  • Robinson William, seedsman & manure merchant & collector of Ancholme tolls, 6 Market Place
  • Rose Frederick, collector of market tolls, 20 Elwes Street
  • Rowbottom George, tailor & draper, 13 Market Place
  • Rowbottom Hannah (Mrs.), carter, Elwes Street
  • Rowbottom Henry, butcher, Bridge Street
  • Rowbottom James, shoe maker, Bridge Street
  • Rowbottom William C. painter, 41 Bigby Street
  • Russell John M.B., C.M.Glas. surgeon, & medical officer of health to the Brigg & Broughton Urban District Councils, 7 Market Place
  • Russling William, hair dresser, Wrawby Street
  • Sabey Samuel, grocer & baker, 14 Bridge Street
  • Sayers Henry E. beer retailer, Wrawby Street
  • Scott James, picture frame maker & town crier,35 Bigby Street
  • Sergeant A. M. & E. & Co. brewers, maltsters, wine & spirit merchants, ,cigar importers, hop & coal merchants, agents for the General Plate Glass & Liverpool, London & Globe insurance companies, The Brewery, Bridge Street
  • Sergeant John Hampden, stamp distributor, Bridge Street
  • Sergeant Robert, farmer, Woodbine cottage, Wrawby Road
  • Sharp & Son, confectioners, Wrawby Street
  • Shaw & Co. grocers & beer (bottled) retailers. 52 Wrawby Street
  • Shinns John William, billposter, advertising agent & parish clerk, 7 Bigby Street
  • Short Joseph, confectioner, 7 Bridge Street
  • Simpson Joseph C. keel owner, Bridge Street
  • Simpson Tom Field, tobacconist & news agent, Market Place
  • Skevington Joseph Hellaby. Angel hotel (posting in all branches), & coal merchant, Market Place
  • Smith Edward Hudson & Son, ironmongers, 2 Market Place
  • Smith John, leather seller & boot maker, 14 Queen Street
  • Smith Thos. cabinet maker, upholsterer & photographer, 47 Wrawby Street
  • Smith William, bicycle agent, 31 Market Place
  • Sowerby George S. shoe maker, Bridge Street
  • Sowerby Mary (Mrs.), fried fish dealer, 38 Bridge Street
  • Sawter George Shaw, solicitor & commissioner, clerk to Brigg Urban District Council, clerk & solicitor to Brumby & Frodingham Urban District Council & Brigg Mutual Protection Society, Bigby Street; & at Scunthorpe
  • Spring & Co. Limited (Herbert M. Poulter, sec.), fruit, curd, syrup & condiment manufacturers, Coney Court
  • Spring & Son (established over half a century), auctioneers, valuers, house, land & estate agents & agents to the Norwich Union Fire, also the Imperial Live Stock Insurance & Standard Life Assurance Cos. 19 Market Place
  • Spring Mary (Mrs.), china, glass & earthenware dealer, 40 Wrawby Street
  • Squires Frederick, boot maker, Bridge Street
  • Stamp Louie & Harriet (Misses), grocers, 28 Bridge Street
  • Stamp Office (Jn. Hampden Sergeant, distributor.), Bridge Street
  • Stamp Harry, grocer & provision dealer, 42 Wrawby Street
  • Staples Herbert, sheep dip manufacturer & potato & fruit merchant, Elwes Street
  • Stevenson Lewis, Ancholme tavern, 1 Market Place
  • Stevenson Robert Albert William M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, Bridge Street
  • Stringer Richard Edward, temperance hotel, Bigby Street
  • Stubbs Charles, grocer, 68 Wrawby Street
  • Sumpter John, farmer, Elwes Street
  • Sumpter Thomas (Mrs.), cowkeeper, Wrawby Street
  • Sutton, Bean & Co. family brewers & wholesale & retail wine & spirit merchants, importers & bonders, Britannia brewery, Wrawby Street & Queen Street
  • Sutton & Co. (Mrs. Ann Elwood, agent), general carriers, Market Place
  • Symonds & Symonds, drapers, milliners, dress & mantle makers & carpet warehousemen, grocers & tea dealers, 21 Market Place
  • Symonds & Symonds, importers of foreign wines & spirits, ale & porter merchants & importers of cigars, 14 Market Place
  • Tadcaster Tower Brewery Company Ltd. (Robert Taylor, branch manager). brewers & wine & spirit merchants, Market Place; & head office, George Street, York
  • Taylor Walter, insurance agent, 8 West Terrace, Bridge Street
  • Taylor Walter, horse breaker, Wrawby Street
  • Taylor William B. manager, Victoria works
  • Thompson John, builder, 27 Bridge Street
  • Thorpe Anthony, manager of branch of the Union of London & Smiths Bank Limited, treasurer to the Urban District Council & agent Royal Insurance Co. & Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, 8 Wrawby Street
  • Thorpe Edmund, marine store dealer, Manley gardens, Bridge Street
  • Thorpe Edward, china & glass dealer, College yard
  • Tong George W. lessee of market tolls
  • Town Hall, Market Place
  • Union of London & Smiths Bank Limited (The) (branch of) (Anthony Thorpe, manager), 8 Wrawby Street; draw on head office, 2 Princes Street, London E C
  • Varlow Thos. & Son, grocers & drapers, 29 & 30 Market Place
  • Volunteer Battalion (3rd) Lincolnshire Regiment (G Co. Capt. & Hon. Major G. Dove; Col. Sergt. John Bugg, drill instructor)
  • Waddingham Charles, householder, Mount Pleasant, Grammar School Road
  • Walker Sydney Ellerby, boot & shoe maker, 1 Bigby Street
  • Walker Frank H. beer retailer, Wrawby Street
  • Walkington Robert, Nelthorpe Arms P.H. Bridge Street
  • Walsh Jas. umbrella repairer, 1 Cressey yard, Wrawby Street
  • West John, householder, Grammar School Road
  • Westoby Edward, householder, Wrawby Road
  • White Arthur, fruiterer & greengrocer, 47 Bridge Street
  • White Frank, coal dealer, Manley gardens, Bridge Street
  • White James Gentle, greengrocer, 67 Wrawby Street
  • White John William, aerated water manufacturer, Elwes Street
  • Willows Alice Freeman (Mrs.), linen draper, 15 Wrawby Street
  • Wilmore Joseph, registrar of marriages for Brigg district, Clare villa, Grammar School Road
  • Wilmot Arthur, White Hart inn, Bridge Street
  • Wilson Emma. (Miss), apartments, 28 Albert Street
  • Wrighton Richard Thompson H. hair dresser, Bridge Street
  • Young James, mechanical engineer, 14 Albert Street

Not a Thursday

Not a Thursday

TL;DR - Conclusion.

Mr. Kelly or his staff can't decide how to spell Howsham, or it may have been the typesetter who spelled it Housham.
Also, Mr. Kelly or one of his associates seemed to think that the Church on Bigby Street was built on the site of a previous Church, I'm not so sure that that is correct, maybe someone who knows the truth could comment below.
Edward VII was the king and Arthur Balfour was the Prime Minister for most of the year but was replaced by Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman just before Christmas. Albert Einstein published his theory of special relativity, Teddy Roosevelt became the youngest president of the United States, and the AA was founded to help motorists avoid police speed traps. Also in 1905, the political party, Sinn Féin was founded in order to campaign for the independence of Ireland and Emmeline Pankhurst led the first public protest by suffragettes at Westminster.

William Fowler, antiquarian & sketcher of mosaics The Kirton-in-Lindsey Iron Ore Company - History Sister Ellen Andrew, ARRC