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Kirton in Lindsey - 1856 - History

Transcribed from White's 1856, History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Lincolnshire etc. etc.

Published : 18 February 2018


Transcribed from White's 1856, History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Lincolnshire etc. etc.

KIRTON-IN-LINDSEY is a small, but ancient market town, pleasantly seated on a commanding eminence, on the western ridge of the Cliff hills, 8 miles S.W. of Brigg, 10 miles N.E. by E. of Gainsbro', and 18 miles N. of Lincoln. It has a Railway Station on the line between Gainsbro' and Brigg, about half a mile N. of the town. It increased its population from 1542 in 1831, to 1948 souls in 1851; and its parish contains 4579 acres of land, partly freehold, but mostly leasehold and copy hold, held by Sir M. J. Cholmeley and the Fox, Fowler, Richardson, and many other families, some of whom have neat mansions here, the largest of which are Kirton Grange, the seat of Thos. Fowler, Esq.; and Mount Pleasant, the seat of Mrs. Richardson.

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The Manor and Soke of Kirton has a paramount jurisdiction, extending over several other parishes. It anciently formed part of the possessions of the Earls of Cornwall, and since 1337, it has been a parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, now possessed by the Prince of Wales, that duchy being always held by the heir apparent to the Crown. Robert Moreton, the first Earl of Cornwall, received a grant of Kirton soon after the Norman Conquest. J. W. Pashley, Esq., is lord of the manor, under the Duchy of Cornwall, and Thos. Oldman is steward, and Messrs. Howlett and Son deputy-stewards of the manor and soke, for which courts are held in the Duchy Court House, a neat brick building on Kirton green, where the records are kept. The custom of Borough English still prevails in this manor. Thos. Fox, Esq., is lessee of the manorial estate.

White's Directory 1856

White's Directory 1856

Quarter Sessions for the North Division of Lindsey, are held here on the Fridays of the usual weeks; and here is a large Bridewell, or House of Correction and Sessions House. The latter is in the centre of the main front, and has a spacious Court Room, which is also used as a chapel. Over it is the Grand Jury Room, and on the west are the Gaoler's apartments. The north wing is appropriated to male, and the south wing to female prisoners. Kirton is in Brigg County Court District. The corn market, held every Friday at the George Inn, was re-established after the opening of the railway, and is now well attended. Here are also cattle markets on alternate Saturdays, during spring and autumn. As much as l92,000 bushels of grain was sent from Kirton Station in 1854. Two annual fairs for the sale of cattle, horses, &c., are held here on July 18th and December 11th. The erection of a Corn Exchange is in contemplation.

The Church (St. Andrew,) is a massive building of the early pointed architecture, consisting of a tower and nave, with middle and side aisles. At the end of each aisle is a part formerly separated by screen work into two openings, each containing a piscina: these were probably once used as chapels. The tower contains six bells. The Bishop of Lincoln is patron of the vicarage, which is valued in K.B. at £6.13s.4d., and now at £160, in the incumbency of the Rev. D. S. Wayland, M.A., of Bassingham, for whom the Rev. Robt. Ousby officiates. At the enclosure, 740 acres of land was allotted for the rectorial tithes, and it is now held on lease by Sir M.J. Cholmeley, Bt., of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. The vicarial tithes are paid by a yearly rent-charge. The Church Land was exchanged at the enclosure for 8A. 3R. 12P., now let for £30 per annum, besides which there is a yearly rent-charge of £1.5s. for the reparation of the church. A neat Wesleyan Chapel was built in 1840, in lieu of an old one. Here is a Primitive Methodist Chapel; one belonging to the "Free Methodists," built in 1854, and another belonging to the Baptists. The latter was rebuilt in 1841.

By a decree of the Court of Exchequer, certain "escheate lands," which had from time immemorial belonged to the parishioners, were in the 39th of Elizabeth appropriated to the support of a Free School, which was formerly conducted as a Grammar school, but since 1816, it has been conducted as an English Endowed School for all classes of parishioners. It is now attended by about 80 boys and girls. Those in the first class pay 7s. each per quarter; the second class 3d. per week; and the third or poorest class 1d. per week each. At the enclosure, in 1793, the old school lands were exchanged for 36A.2R.32P., now let for £94 per annum. The present school and master's house were built in 1816, at the cost of £200, and they were enlarged and repaired in 1855, at the cost of £200. There are seven scholarships and two fellowships at Magdalen College, Cambridge, founded by Sir Christopher and Lady Wray, and to which scholars from Kirton School are eligible by preference; but it does not appear that they have ever been claimed by any boys of Kirton. The fellowships are each endowed with £60 per annum, and the scholarships with about £3.10s. per annum. Here is also an Infant School, built in 1837, by subscription, and now attended by about 100 children of both sexes.

The poor parishioners have the following yearly doles, viz., 30s. from the "Town yard," left by Rd. Torksey, in 1679; £4. from the Poor close allotted at the enclosure; and £7.12s. from Hawcroft-close, left by Mary Turner, in 1741. A Gas Company was established at Kirton in February, 1856, for the purpose of lighting the town with gas. Here are three Associations for the Prosecution of Felons. Among the Benefit Societies of the town, is a Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and one of Foresters. Matthew Maw, Esq., is president, and the Rev. Robert Ousby vice-president, of Kirton Literary Institution, which was established in 1851, and has a News Room and Library.

The first two chapters are just the title...

The first two chapters are just the title...

POST OFFICE at John Jackson Frow's. Letters arrive at 8½ morning & despatched at 6¼ evening. Money Orders granted & paid from 9 till 5.

  • Akes Mr Matthew
  • Allen Thos. tinner, &c.; & Mr Robert
  • Austen Geo. parish clk.,Infant School
  • Bartle Wm. watch maker
  • Binns Thos. & John, coal, cake, and seed merchants
  • Binns Matthias, accountant
  • Bradshaw Geo. maltster & brewer
  • Brown Wm. thrashing machine owner
  • Burton George, brewery agent
  • Colton Samuel, millwright, machine maker, & rate collector
  • Cook Wm. warder, Bridewell
  • Cooper Misses Ann & Mary
  • Drayton Wm. rope, &c., maker
  • Duckle Thos. gent.
  • Dry Mr Benj.
  • Ellerby Jph. ironmonger & tinner
  • Everatt Sus. straw hat maker
  • Fowler Thos. Esq., Kirton Grange
  • Frow John Jackson, postmaster
  • Garbut Mrs My.
  • Harsley Mr Robt.
  • Garland John, clerk at Station
  • Gunby John, fishmonger
  • Hampstead Jph. & Edw. gardeners, &c.
  • Haywood Mr Hy.
  • Hutchinson Jno.
  • Holgate Chas. Hy. solr. & coroner
  • Hollingsworth Mr John
  • Howlett Joseph & Sons, solicitors
  • Rowlett Wm. England, solicitor
  • Howlett .Bartholomew, solicitor
  • Runsley Wm. gentleman
  • Kennington Thomas, painter
  • Knight Isaac, toy & marine store dlr.
  • Lee Mr. John || Wm. at Bridewell
  • Matthews Wm. brewer, maltster, and wine, spirit & corn merchant
  • Mumby Saml. bookbinder, stationer, printer, & paper hanger
  • Nicholson Fras. machine maker, &c.
  • Ougden John, farrier
  • Ousby Rev. Robt., M.A., surrogate, curate of Kirton, & chaplain of gaol
  • Palmer Thos. Kelsey, accountant
  • Parkin Mrs M.
  • Sanderson Wm.
  • Peele Mr John Spenser
  • Plumtree David, swine dealer
  • Poynton Mrs Mary Ann, Ivy Cottage
  • Richardson:Mrs. Eliz. Mount Pleasant
  • Scarcliff John, earthenware, &c., dlr.
  • Scarcliff Hy. joiner & basket dealer
  • Snow Jph. & Mrs. Ann, govr. & matron of House of Correction
  • Spring Redshaw, bookseller, printer, stationer, &c., Stamp Office
  • Stainton Jas. swine, &c., dealer
  • Stapleton Rev. John (Baptist)
  • Stow Dunn, postman
  • Summers Wm. lime & cattle dealer
  • Summers John, cattle dealer
  • Swan Mr Jas.
  • Travis Mr Robert
  • Taylor Joseph, cooper
  • Taylor Jph.& Co. brewers & maltsters, Ashwell Brewery; h Gainsborough
  • Thompson Reuben, horse breaker
  • Thorpe John, land agent & surveyor
  • Thorpe John,jun. auctioneer & valuer
  • Topham Jas. linen & woollen draper, and feather merchant
  • Walker Mrs Sar.
  • Sands Jno. bailiff
  • Ward Wm. grocer's manager
  • Watson Geo. brewer & accountant
  • Wood Chas. Hy. station master
  • Woodhouse Edw. horse breaker
  • Wright Moses, carter


  • Askew Robt. & Mrs, Free School
  • Austen Geo. & Mrs, Infant School
  • Caister Miss Carolina
  • Corringham Miss Charlotte
  • Middleton John Bell, & Sar. Eliz.


  • Alliance, W.L. Dobson
  • County & Protector, Chas. H. Holgate
  • Farmers', Samuel Leeke Bingham
  • Metropolitan, Richard W. Smith
  • Scottish Amicable, George Penn
  • Sun, Redshaw Spring
  • Yorkshire, J. Hewlett & Son


  • Black Swan, Edmund Dry Smith
  • Crown, Wm. Scott
  • George Inn, (posting,) Eliz. Burnett
  • Greyhound, Joseph Stephenson
  • Queen's Head, Wm. Hutchinson
  • Red Lion, James Shadford (horses, gigs, &c., for hire)
  • Unicorn, John Hudson

Ye olde google earth

Ye olde google earth


  • Freeman Isaac
  • Hill Elizabeth
  • Rayner Wm.


  • Burrell Thomas
  • Doulman Wm.
  • Jackson Sarah
  • Wilkinson John


  • Abey Jarvis
  • Chapman James
  • Sleight Henry


  • Atkinson Wm.
  • Frow Samuel
  • Kirk Wm.
  • Naylor Wm.
  • North Thomas
  • North Wm.
  • Parkin John
  • Penn Thomas
  • Summers Charles


  • Burrell Thomas
  • Firth George
  • Petch Andrew
  • Petch Geo. jun.


  • Parkinson John
  • Smith Rd., Whitehoe


  • Atkinson John
  • Cooper George, & constable
  • Herringshaw Thos.
  • Huddleston Jas.
  • Hutchinson Hy.
  • Smith Cornelius


  • Bingham S. Leake
  • Penn George


  • Andrew George
  • Otter Wm. & Brigg
  • Sleightholm and Walker
  • Smith Edw. Dry, Victoria Steam Mill
  • Snell Hilbert

FARMERS. * are Owners.

  • Allen Robert
  • Atkinson John
  • Barnard Amzah.
  • Bavin Thomas
  • Booth John
  • Chappell John
  • * Cook Jph. Wm.
  • Copeman Daniel
  • Dry Thomas
  • Emerson George
  • Fowler Thomas
  • Hanson Samuel
  • Hewardine Geo. Fas., Moated House.
  • Hutchinson John
  • Peck Nathaniel
  • Pickslay Samuel
  • Richardson Eliz.
  • Scarbrough Jas.
  • * Skinner Thos.
  • * Smith Cornelius
  • Smith Rd., Whitehoe
  • Stamp Thomas
  • * Todd Wm.
  • Travis Eliz.
  • Travis George
  • * Wigglesworth E.
  • Wilkinson John
  • Woodhouse Edw.
  • Woodliff Samuel


  • Barley Edward
  • Cartledge John, & timber merchant.
  • Dent James
  • Hill Eliz., confectioner.
  • Otter Wm. & Brigg
  • Read & Cundall, & seed merchants.
  • Topham J. draper
  • Wilkinson John

HAIR DRESSERS, Toy dealers, &c.

  • Smith Charles
  • Smith Mary Ann, & cutler


  • Doulman Wm.
  • Frow Charles
  • Holdsworth Thos.
  • Hutchinson John
  • Lee Robert
  • Parker Wm.
  • Pickslay Samuel
  • Scarcliffe Henry
  • Slight Henry, & cabinet maker
  • Thackray Chas., & cabinet maker


  • Atkinson Eliz.
  • Dent Mrs J.
  • Parkin Jane & Rachel
  • Petch Mary
  • Smith Eliza
  • Smith Mary
  • Stapleton A. & M.
  • Thackray Hannah


  • Spenceley Wm.
  • Wilson Abrm.


  • Kennington Jas.
  • Sims James


  • Barker Mary
  • Brown Ann
  • Colley Mary
  • Hargreave Maria
  • Hemshall Samuel
  • Lee Samuel
  • Ogle Wm.
  • Scarcliff John, & china dealer
  • Smith John
  • Watmough Charlotte


  • George Henry
  • Waterland Hy.Jno


  • Aby John
  • Codd Wm.
  • Cousen Wm.
  • Crawford George
  • Garbutt Chas., & hatter
  • Mills Richard
  • Smith Ts. Wright


  • Bartle Wm.
  • Travis Robt. Williamson


  • Colton Samuel
  • Doulman Wm.
  • Doulman Wm. jun.
  • Holdsworth Thos.
  • Hutchinson Wm.
  • Nicholson Fras.
  • Pickslay Samuel


  • Trains 5 times a day to Hull, Grimsby, London, &c.
  • Bus from the George Inn, to meet trains.


  • William Clarke, to Gainsborough, Saturday. & Brigg, Thursday.
  • Thomas Broughton to Brigg, Thursday. Gainsborough, Tuesday & Saturday. & Lincoln, Friday.

TL;DR - Conclusion.

This is a far more complete description of Kirton Lindsey than the Pigot & Co. Directories from 15 years earlier, gone is the confusion between Kirton in Lindsey and Kirton in Holland. The background on the town in general is much more complete and the list of the Great and the Good is expanded to include more trades people, shop keepers and businesses.
The railway has arrived, and has 5 trains a day, compared to today's one a week. This publication fails to mention the population of the town, but the 1851 Census records 1,948 people, up from 1,542, 20 years previously. The huge list of names doesn't really make for good reading, and is bit dry, but useful if you are looking for mentions of your relatives etc.

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