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Winterton - 1861 - History

Transcribed from the Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire MDCCCLXI

Published : 12 May 2020


Transcribed from the Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire MDCCCLXI

WINTERTON is a parish and small market town pleasantly situated 2½ miles South of the Humber, 2 west of the river Ancholme, 8 west-south-west of Barton railway station, and 10 north-north-west of Brigg, in Manley hundred, diocese of Lincoln, archdeaconry of Stow, deanery of Manlake, Brigg union, Barton-upon-Humber county court district, and north division of the county, The living is a vicarage, value £200, with residence, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor. The Rev. Thomas Waddingham, M.A., is the incumbent.

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All Saints Church, Winterton

All Saints Church, Winterton

The church of All Saints is a handsome and spacious building in good repair, with a tower and 5 bells. The lower part of the tower is of Norman architecture, and the remainder of the building is in the Early English style. The Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel. There is also a National school, which will hold 200 children, built in 1841, on the north side of the church, and which cost £400, raised by subscription; also, a Wesleyan day school, erected 1850. There are two fairs for cattle held here: one on the Tuesday before Palm Sunday, the other on the 23rd of September. The feast is held on the 6th of July, and a weekly corn-market every Wednesday. Petty sessions are held here on the first and third Fridays of every month. Winterton has evidently been occupied by the Romans, for in 1747 several beautiful tessellated pavements were discovered, as well as urns and other Roman antiquities. The town is lighted with gas, and is amply supplied with excellent water. Here is a library and reading room and a temperance hall.


  • Bennett Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Bennett Lucas Marshall, esq.
  • Brown Mrs.
  • Cooper William, esq.
  • Coopland Mrs. Mary E.
  • Dritfill Wm Hollingworth, esq. Winterton hall
  • Fowler Joseph, esq.
  • Hall Mrs. Hannah
  • Harrison Mr. Henry
  • Hornsby Mr. Joseph
  • Kuper William
  • Leake John, esq.
  • Liversidge Henry, esq.
  • Marris Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Maxstead George, esq.
  • Popple Joseph, esq.
  • Richardson John, esq. Northlands house
  • Robinson Mr. Thomas
  • Sadler Joseph, esq.
  • Smith Mrs. Mary
  • Waddingham Rev. Thomas, M.A.
  • Wells Mr. William


  • Aiken George, spirit merchant
  • Aldam William, agricultural implement & machine manufacturer, & proprietor of steam threshing machine, corn, seed & turnip drills
  • Asling James, superintendent of police, Police station
  • Ayre George, gasfitter
  • Backhouse Benj., boot & shoe maker
  • Beacock Matthew, farmer
  • Bennett Lucas Marshall, surgeon & registrar of births & deaths
  • Blanchard John, farmer
  • Blanchard Nicholas, farmer
  • Blyth Edward, rope & twine maker
  • Boards Edward, stonemason
  • Booth William, boot & shoe maker
  • Bowes John, boot & shoe maker
  • Bramley Henry, tailor
  • Bray George, farmer
  • Bray Matthew, bricklayer
  • Brown Thomas Nicholson, draper & grocer
  • Brumby William, carpenter
  • Bulleyment Richard, shopkeeper
  • Burrow George, painter & glazier
  • Burrow Joshua, boot & shoe maker
  • Burton Joseph, plumber, glazier & gas fitter
  • Burton Thomas, boot & shoe maker
  • Chapman Edward, ironmonger
  • Chapman George, boot & shoe maker
  • Chapman Ralph, blacksmith
  • Chapman Sarah (Mrs.), day school
  • Chapman Samuel, bookseller, stationer, newsagent, subdistributor of stamps & dealer in paperhangings
  • Cheeseman William, Daniel & John, drapers & tailors
  • Clark Edward, butcher
  • Clark James, beer retailer & shop keeper
  • Coates Edward, Wesleyan school master
  • Cockin Thomas, boot & shoe maker
  • Cousins Jane (Mrs.), straw hat maker
  • Cousins John, boot & shoe maker
  • Cross Isabella (Mrs.), farmer
  • Cundall Thomas, saddler & harness maker
  • Dritfill William Hollingworth, farmer, Winterton hall
  • Drinkall Robert, boot & shoe maker
  • Eason James, shopkeeper
  • Fletcher John, agricultural implement & machine manufacturer
  • Frankish John, farmer
  • Frow George, hairdresser
  • Frow Mary (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker
  • Frow Samuel, boot & shoe maker & post master
  • Gardner Thomas, inland revenue officer
  • Gibson Brian, grocer
  • Gilding Henry, brick & tile maker
  • Gilding Henry, pig dealer
  • Godson John, painter
  • Goodwin Gervase, maltster & farmer
  • Goodwin Mary (Mrs.), farmer
  • Hall James, grocer
  • Hall Richard, wheelwright
  • Hall William, saddler & harness maker
  • Hamm Jabez, clock & watch maker
  • Harrison Robert, flour dealer & miller
  • Hodlin William, tailor
  • Holmes John, farrier
  • Holroyd Joseph, chemist & druggist & seedsman
  • Howard Thomas, blacksmith & wheelwright
  • Jackson Thomas, shopkeeper
  • James Henry John, castrator
  • Johnson John, chimney sweeper
  • Johnson Sabina (Mrs.), dressmaker
  • Keightly Thomas, boot & shoe maker
  • Langton John, boot & shoe maker
  • Lawtey Thomas Robert, boot & shoe maker
  • Liversidge Henry, solicitor, agent to the Phoenix fire office, solicitor to the Winterton association for the prosecution of felons, & solicitor to the Winterton gas company
  • Long Elizabeth (Mrs.), Cross Keys, commercial hotel & posting house
  • Lumley George, bricklayer
  • Metcalf David, boot & shoe maker
  • Morley William, fishmonger
  • Nassau George, gardener
  • Nassau George, jun., boot &shoe maker
  • Nassau Joseph, draper & tailor
  • Nassau Thomas, gardener
  • Naylor Henry, draper & grocer
  • Naylor John, agricultural machine maker
  • Neal Jonathan, coal dealer
  • Nicholson, Hett & Freer, solicitors; & at Brigg
  • Norwood Charles, farmer
  • Norwood John, butcher
  • Oldfield Charles, cattle dealer
  • Oldfield William, butcher
  • Osborn Frances (Miss), milliner
  • Osborn William, tailor
  • Parkisson Thomas, George commercial hotel & brewer
  • Phillipson Samuel, gardener
  • Phillipson Sarah (Mrs.), milliner
  • Porkess William, bricklayer
  • Rhodes Thomas, clothier
  • Richardson John, farmer, Northlands house
  • Robinson & Spilman, drapers
  • Robinson & Tate, ironmongers & watch makers
  • Robinson Benjamin, farmer
  • Robinson Godfrey, grocer & miller
  • Robinson Henry, miller
  • Ross George, blacksmith
  • Rothwell Joseph, baker & confectioner
  • Sadler Joseph, surgeon
  • Sanderson John, farmer
  • Smith Charles, plumber & glazier
  • Smith Henry auctioneer & valuer
  • Smith Samuel, earthenware dealer
  • Smith William, Butchers Arms inn, & wine & spirit merchant
  • Smith William, veterinary surgeon
  • Snowden John, farmer
  • Snowden Mary Ann (Miss), milliner & dressmaker
  • Stanewell John, carpenter
  • Stephenson Frances (Mrs.), farmer
  • Street Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner
  • Stubbins Thomas, carpenter
  • Tate George, flour dealer
  • Thompson John, plumber & glazier
  • Thompson Richard, tailor
  • Thompson William, china, glass & earthenware dealer
  • Tock George, boot & shoe maker
  • Tock William, bricklayer
  • Waddingham John, coal merchant
  • Waddingham Walker, boot & shoe maker
  • Walker Leadham, butcher & farmer
  • Watson John C. brewer
  • Watts & Lent, chemists & druggists
  • Wells Thomas, farmer
  • Westoby Abraham George, farmer
  • Wilks Mary (Miss), ladies' school
  • Winn Catherine (Mrs.), grocer
  • Woods Charles, hairdresser
  • Wray William, clock & watch manufacturer, jeweller & silversmith

Wesleyan Chapel, Winterton

Wesleyan Chapel, Winterton


  • Samuel Frow, sub-postmaster.
  • Letters through Brigg by mail cart; arrive at 11 a. m. ; dispatched at 4 p.m.
  • There is not a delivery or dispatch of letters on Sundays, but the letter-box is open as on other days.
  • Money orders are granted & paid at this office from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.


  • Equitable Fire, Joseph Holroyd
  • Equitable Fire, Henry Smith
  • European, Henry Smith
  • Phoenix Fire, Henry Liversidge
  • Royal Farmers Fire, Godfrey Robinson


  • Gas Company's Works, Nicholas Blanshard, treasurer; Henry Liversidge, solicitor; William Marshall, fireman & manager; Jabez Hamm, collector
  • Mechanics' Institute & Reading Room, Joshua Burrow, librarian
  • Stamp Office, Samuel Chapman, sub-distributor
  • Temperance Hall
  • Police Station, James Asling, superintendent


  • National, Leonard Leader, schoolmaster; Mrs. Hannah Lockwood, schoolmistress
  • Wesleyan, Edward Coates, schoolmaster

Established in 1840

Established in 1840


  • APPLEBY - Mail cart, daily, sunday excepted
  • BROUGHTON - Mail cart, daily, sunday excepted


  • ALKBOROUGH - Henry Clayton, thursday
  • BARTON - Henry Keightly, monday; Samuel Smith, monday
  • BURTON-UPON-STATHER - Henry Clayton, thursday
  • BRIGG - Thomas Tune, tuesday, thursday & saturday ; mail cart, daily, sunday excepted
  • FLIXBOROUGH - George Hill, wednesday
  • HULL - Henry Keightly, tuesday, wednesday, friday & saturday; Samuel Smith, tuesday, wednesday, friday & saturday
  • WINTERINGHAM - Mail cart, daily, sunday excepted
  • WHITTON - Henry Clayton, thursday

TL;DR - Conclusion.

There seems to have been an inordinate number of boot & shoe makers in Winterton, 17 of them, for a population of 1,665. They must have been reliant on trade from places other than Winterton.
Queen Victoria was on the throne, and Viscount Palmerston was the prime minister of a Liberal government. 1861 also saw the start of the American civil war, and Rowland Winn of Appleby Hall was beginning to exploit the iron ore around Scunthorpe, which at the time, had a population of 303.
1861 was the year that Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria died. This boosted his popularity amongst the general population, but Queen Victoria, whose mother had also died earlier in 1861, never got over it, and spent the remaining 40 years of her life in seclusion.
Charles Dickins published Great Expectations in 1861, and in the same year, Mrs Beeton's Cook Book became a best seller.

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